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Hi everybody!
It’s me, changing my communication into English to reach everyone as much as possible :),
Here I would like to share an example of my experience with NVC in my own life. With great gifts coming to me along the way and process! And first to let you know what training and courses are available for you to implement Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into your life and work

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Soooo, what happened recently was that through a question from my boyfriend (and father of my son), I felt the gift to reconnect with him in a new way.

It all started with me offering to organise a weeklong trip to Vlieland, a Dutch Isle where in my single life, I went a few times with a close friend. I loved it there, for the camping site is right next to the North Sea with only one dune full of wild birds to cross. Also a place great for kids, space to play, interacting together and I thought it would be really nice for our 4- year-old. As well as for my boyfriend (Ooops, I already decided he needed some outoftheboxness).

For weeks I raved about how fun it would be, how lovely the surroundings, how cool to camp together and get out of our comfort zone to explore the world. Can you already imagine/ empathise/ guess what was happening inside of my boyfriend and maybe even our son? The pressure they might have felt that it ‘has to be nice’?

So a few days before we were leaving on Holidays, we were walking together in our neighborhood and I noticed some quietness with my boyfriend. Then I heard his soft voice and so my ears were open to listen. He questioned: “Can I also dislike it? I hear about how Vlieland should be fun and I will totally like it too, just like you’…But what if I don’t like it?”

First and very quickly there were thoughts coming up inside of me, while I sensed some feelings of shock, worry, quilt, sadness, disappointment. These were also some thoughts coming up as quick as a flash-light: “Am I not doing good enough? And ‘Jesus, I am organising all of this for him, for us, and now he asks me if he can dislike it all??” Judgmental thoughts which distract me to actually connect to myself and him at the same time.

In the past I would have needed days, weeks, years to calm down my judgemental thinking, my Jackals as I call them within the context of Nonviolent Communication. Now however, I have learned to welcome my judgements as I know there are important needs that ask, even beg for my attention, they so need fulfillment! One of these at this moment with my partner was beautiful: Connection.

And by lots of practice, now I stayed in the present moment and was able to connect to both our needs at the spot.

So I turned to him and asked him: “So is it that you so need to feel absolutely free to make your own choices
whether as to like or not to like Vlieland and camping there?”

YES. That was it. I bridged my guess to an important need he was asking to fulfill there: Freedom of choice.
From there on we could communicate and come to a mutually fulfilling dialogue where a request was alive: Can we go home if I/ we don’t like it? Yes, lets do that when we want that :).

Of course there can be so many more human needs actual in moments of confrontation, conflict, and frustration. And the art of aware, more natural ways of communication lies in there, that it is to find a certain balance between the needs of my self and those of another human being. They are equally important.

Loving life when I feel connection to my own needs and those of my fellow humans is what makes my life very full, fulfilling!

Door Drive to Life Coaching - Verbindende Communicatie voor de Zorgprofessional

Ik werk met zorgprofessionals die worstelen met het toepassen van efficiënte zelfzorg en dolgraag de passie voor hun werk willen terugvinden: mensen helpen. Wat mij onderscheid van andere coaches is dat ik werk vanuit verbindende communicatietechnieken en daardoor kan ik empathie als techniek inzetten. Daarbij is zelfzorg voor de professional snel mogelijk alsmede het efficiënt mensgericht werken met cliënten en patiënten. Het resultaat: meer energie, tijd en geld over om te genieten van het leven zelf!

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