Last summer I visited a friend who turned out had a completely different perspective on reality than I was having.

What I noticed in myself was this shift in me, from a fully available and open friendliness towards feeling disconnection and irritation. Inside myself there was this huge energy shift from trust to hostility. Anger, sadness, and even some serious despair.

And before I could even make a choice in either paths of nonviolent or violent communication, I could hear myself convincing my friend already how ‘wrong’, how unfair and cruel the viewpoint she had chosen was.

Soon we were standing ‘against’ each other.

Opinion against opinion, facts against fiction and inside I felt a deep loneliness taking over. Soo…what did I do next?

How did I find self-connection in that moment?

How did I manage to stay in connection with my feelings and needs?

And how did I allow my natural curiosity towards other human beings on the loose? Did I dare to guess what might be alive in my friend, despite our vital differences?

Are you curious about how to cultivate a shared reality with the people in your life? Without loosing touch with yourself?

And: I am talking about all sorts of topics that surface between humans, whether it is politics, relationships, science, climate change or raising children. Free training in Nonviolent communication (basic course level)

Language English. Time: 7-8.30 pm. November 6th on Zoom. Breakout-rooms for practice. Subscribe: vragen@drivetolife.nl.

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Art historian who discovered the art of connection. Teacher of non-violent communication.

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